RE: I18N-ISSUE-240: Bad example: Hard-coded coordinates [ITS-20]

> Example 2 contains data that is highly inappropriate for an internationalized 
> application: Hard-coded coordinates for user interface elements. 
> Such coordinates would have to be changed during localization to accommodate 
> strings that expand or shrink during translation, larger or smaller fonts 
> used for a localized user interface, expansion or shrinkage in surrounding 
> content, or a change in the overall directionality of the user interface.
> These items should be removed from the example.

The example is meant to show real-life problematic files, not to demonstrate best practices.

This said, today's UI do a better job of auto-resizing, so we could update the example to reflect that.
For instance, replacing elements like:

<data type="coordinates">12,20,50,14</data>

by something like:

<data type="position">12,20</data>

Thanks for pointing this out.

Received on Saturday, 19 January 2013 13:12:55 UTC