I18N-ISSUE-242: Clarify case-insensitive match for domains [ITS-20]

I18N-ISSUE-242: Clarify case-insensitive match for domains [ITS-20]


Raised by: Norbert Lindenberg
On product: ITS-20


Steps 3-1-2-5 and 3-2-5 of the algorithm for interpreting values in the Domain data category state "the mapping is case-insensitive".

First, is case-insensitive matching really necessary here? In discussions of other technologies, e.g. CSS, we found that it's hard to get case-insensitive matching right, i.e. make it work so that it doesn't have surprising/confusing results in some languages, while strict string equality is easy to understand.

Second, if it is really necessary, then the precise meaning of "case-insensitive" matching has to be specified. Unicode case-folding using the C and F mappings of the Unicode data file CaseFolding.txt is our normal recommendation.

Received on Saturday, 19 January 2013 05:48:31 UTC