RE: [Issue-75] - Domain

Hi Christian, all,

CL>> It seems as if I didn't manage to my point about this aspect of "domain" is clear. 
CL>> Let me to try to provide a remedy by adding to my original comment:
CL>> Something like its-domain="financials" could not just be imagined to work in 
CL>> a global rule (e.g. instead of a pointer); in addition, a local use of "domain"
CL>> could be imagined
CL>> Global: <its:domainRule selector="/h:html/h:body" its-domain="financials">
CL>> Local: <em its-domain="financials">IMF</em>

So (If I'm getting this right) you'd like a way to override the domain for spans of content? (Since the Dublin Core in HTML doesn't let you do that (the subject is define at the document level)).

I think one of the reasons I hear early on was that today it would be difficult to make that distinction at the MT level. But I suppose MT engine selection is not the only application for domain. Maybe others have additional reason why we don't have a local domain?

CL>> Why do you think that the scenario that I sketch (multiply domain 
CL>> "systems" used in a processing chain) implies that a standard exists?
CL>> I would rather think that the implication is the other way round: 
CL>> Since there is no standard, there is a need to accommodate heterogeneity.

I agree, but so far that has not been part of the scope of ITS. 

CL>> I guess your point is valid in the sense that one could go for 
CL>> something like <its:domainRule selector="/h:html/h:body" ...  
CL>> domainMapping="FIN, 'A A-1 A1-A1X'"/>.
CL>> However, this would require that additional information would have 
CL>> to be captured elsewhere (so that for example, the precedence
CL>> 'A > A-1 > A1-A1X' could be captured).

ITS doesn't prescribe what the right part of the mapping must be or how it should be used.
It's really just a way to allow user-defined mechanisms to be connected to the input metadata.
I suppose it is also beyond the scope of ITS.


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