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Comment on ITS 2.0 specification WD

From: Arle Lommel <arle.lommel@dfki.de>
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 13:00:04 +0100
Message-Id: <67D9FF1C-09AC-4703-95F7-854385DCBB4C@dfki.de>
To: public-multilingualweb-lt-comments@w3.org
The following feedback is from the QT Launchpad project on Appendix C (Values for the Localization Quality Issue Type).

The values in this appendix assume that the nature of all issues can be identified (either in fact or in principle), even those classified as “other” (which means simply that they are not of a type identified in the list).

However, in some cases errors may be so extreme that it is not diagnostically possible to identify a type. For example, if one is asked to translate the sentence

The sine–Gordon equation is a nonlinear hyperbolic partial differential equation in 1 + 1 dimensions involving the d'Alembert operator and the sine of the unknown function.

into Chinese and the results come out as 

Рима, ويكيبGordonيدياնթա، مdimeequasن від 8 الموسوعة الحرة意大փասამაშშտե利波代північ

it may in fact be impossible to determine what the error type is because the entire result is garbled beyond intelligibility.

As a result, we would recommend the addition of another issue type to the specification: unintelligible

The information for the table would be as follows:


The content is unintelligible (e.g., garbled) in a fashion that prevents assignment of a more specific issue type.

A sentence is supposed to be a Chinese translation of an English source, but appears as “Рима, ويكيبGordonيدياնթա، مdimeequasن від 8 الموسوعة الحرة意大փասამაშშտե利波代північ”. Because the text is non-sense in many scripts, the exact nature and cause of the underlying issue cannot be determined.

S or T

This value is to be used as a fall-back only in cases where a more specific issue type (including other) cannot be identified.

Because this is a fall-back issue, it should be the last one in the table (so that the rule about precedence in the table will not result in its inappropriate selection). Note that uncategorized and other, both of which may be conceived of as fallbacks, take precedence over this category.

Best regards,

Arle Lommel
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