Re: Meeting Notes & Doodle poll for working session

Hi Multicast-cg,

Thanks to those who responded on the doodle poll, based on the
results it'll be next Friday April 22nd at 8am PDT (3pm UTC).

I'll send out an invite to those who said they could make it, and
anyone else who'd like to attend please ping me and I can send it
to you too.

Ahead of that (hopefully Monday, but possibly Wednesday) I'll be
sending some design docs including an update to the proposed spec
that lays out a preliminary protocol extension design, as well as
some notes on what features we'll need to add and how to get a
local build (without the extensions) up and running, plus a rough
outline of the goals for the session.

Also, links for the last meeting's notes and video are posted:

Best regards,

´╗┐On 04-08, 11:46 AM, "Holland, Jake" <> wrote:

Hi Multicast-cg,

Thanks to those who attended the session on Wednesday, and especially
to Chris Needham again for taking excellent notes: 

The session recording is scheduled to go public next Wednesday, if
you were there please let me know before then if you'd like a link or
if there's anything you think you might want redacted.

Here's a doodle poll for the working session we agreed to have at
the end of the meeting: 

I think Kyle, Leo, and Max all said they'd probably be able to attend?
It won't scale to high numbers, but people who want to do some coding
are probably welcome, so do fill out the poll if you'd like to come.

I'm working on a doc that has known task lists and notes on what
will probably be necessary, I'll send that out at least a couple
days ahead of the session for comment.


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