Tomorrow's multicast-cg meeting

Hi multicast community,

Our monthly meeting is scheduled to start about 14 hours after this
email, at Wednesday October 6th, UTC 2:30pm (PDT 7:30am, EDT 10:30am,
IST 8:00pm).

I hope to see you there.


Proposed Agenda

Welcome, Intro, Agenda-bash    (~5 mins)
Working discussion (~30-45 mins)
Wrap-up & Summary (5-10 mins)

The topics I wanted to cover in the working discussion were:

1. TPAC Plans:
   a. We have a slot scheduled here:

      pw=yay-multicast!, #2598 001 6648
      27 Oct 15:00 UTC to 16:00 UTC (8am PDT, 11am EDT)

      Agenda will probably be at least half intro/background plus orientation
      questions, if we successfully inspire a few newcomers to show up,
      and the rest probably updates on the latest status of various efforts,
      plus maybe an invitation to dive into the our amazing feat of working
      out how to run the quic library.

   b. I've got a short speaking slot in 2nd Screen, since Louay reached
      out to me.  There's a bit of overlap with our purpose, especially on
      privacy concerns for in-LAN exposure footprint, where I'm hoping to
      probe them for thoughts and insight, plus some possible interest in
      our work among their membership.  You're certainly welcome to come if
      you like, but I'll plan to bring a summary if there's anything

      25 October 2021 14:00-15:00 UTC 

   c. I asked Will about a 10-minute slot in WebTransport, and he said he'll
      see what he can do.  Not sure yet whether it'll happen, I'll send a
      separate update when I find out.

2. There's nearly a proposed IETF hackathon where we'll be working on
   rendering the VLC streams from I2 in the demo browser with webcodecs,
   possibly pulling it thru GEANT.  Discussion thread is here:

   I'd encourage you to consider participating in some form. I expect we
   can find enough useful tasks to do, and you'll get a chance to work with
   some of the people and systems that people have been most recently using
   to work toward deploying multicast.  Even if you just go through enough
   setup to test out the results as they come available, you'll get some
   hands-on experience with the tools, such as they are.

   Also of note in this category is that the Internet2 multicast working
   group is tentatively agreed to keep interdomain multicast alive in their
   new architecture with a small overlay network deployment, so we should
   continue to have access to the public VLC streams listed at (for now, all raw TS-encoded UDP

3. Other Follow-ups on last meeting:

   I'm still working on a draft email to go to operators soliciting support
   in the secdispatch thread.  I'll ping Chris and a few others for review
   (lmk if you're interested), and aim to send it out next week, with
   intent to get a slew of notes posted to the thread the following week,
   and to ride that to successfully asking for a secdispatch slot at IETF.

   Probably also should have requested an IETF coordination email list
   some time ago as suggested during IETF 111, but I will ask operators
   during the solicitation if they would join that list but not the w3c
   community group (another decent option, I think), and request it if
   there is interest.  I've been a little waffly on whether there's
   value in a 2nd list inside IETF as opposed to encouraging joining of
   this group, but maybe there is if they don't want to watch the blow-
   by-blow development of the browser API.


Meeting Details:

Please note:

1. This meeting will be recorded if nobody withholds consent, as
covered by the latest draft process guidelines.  Previously, the
guidelines were published here, but at the moment it gives a 404:

However, adoption by the process group was captured in the minutes
and github issues here, and hopefully will be reflected soon in
the official document (

The purpose of recording is to aid with minutes, enable later review
of comments, and to help future new or prospective group members get
oriented.  The video will be posted to Youtube and made publicly
available without an expiration.  However, if requested by recorded
participants, sections of the public recording will be redacted to
their satisfaction as needed, before or after publication (though
after publication of course there may be copies outside our control).
A link to the recording will be kept in the meeting log here (and
updated if replaced with a redacted recording):

2. This is a W3C Community Group meeting, so it's to operate under
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