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Multicast-CG Meeting this Wednesday

From: Holland, Jake <jholland@akamai.com>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2021 01:41:37 +0000
To: "public-multicast@w3.org" <public-multicast@w3.org>
Message-ID: <58D715E0-8936-4FF2-A01F-624FDA3C3947@akamai.com>
Hi Multicast CG,

Our next meeting is on Wednesday August 1 at 7:30am Pacific (UTC-7),
which I think is 10:30 Eastern and 2:30pm UTC if I got it right:

Meeting number (access code): 145 142 6461 
Meeting password: 5gtVmaMvN

Proposed Agenda:

Welcome, Intro, Agenda-bash    (~5 mins)
Status Updates                 (~5)
Goals & Timelines discussion   (~45)
Wrap-up & Summary              (~5)

In the Goals & Timelines discussion, I'd like to collect notes and
comments on next steps, and some rough idea of what to expect in
the way of contributions people might be able to make this month
and this year, and where they'd be most interested in putting
their efforts.

Discussion Seeds:

As food for thought, here's a rough outline of some things I'll
float as worth considering in this timeframe.  Other ideas are
invited, so please give it some thought if you can.  I think if
anyone is interested in pushing on something in a direction like
any of these, we can set up a working session or 2 to get the ball
rolling.  I expect there's more to do than we'll have people to do
things, but I would welcome progress in any of these areas, and
probably some others:

 - Standards Efforts
   - Soliciting some engagement on security considerations doc:

     - Can we find people to respond to the secdispatch thread expressing

     - confirming that consensus on this-or-similar along with robust implementation
       would address feedback from chromium net-dev (recently raised offline as a
       point of uncertainty):

   - Making progress with quic:

     (status: got hung up on my side this month, but progress from others
      would be welcome also)
     - Also an integrated AMBI
   - TPAC?
     - Ask for half an hour each with Networking Interest group and WebTransport?
       Anyone else? (Media interest group?)
     - Shift November meeting a week early and get on the CG list?

 - Implementation & Deliverables Efforts
   - Tests, interesting use cases/demos, API change proposals?
     - we previously discussed trying to see if webcodecs can do anything with
       the vlc traffic from some of the internet2 streams
     - I saw a very cool talk from Brett about a chat server--maybe an integration?
   - Review/confirmation on the first primer?

     - Other primers needed?
 - Deployability Efforts
   - known stream monitoring & up/down reporting
   - tests, refinements, review on connectivity specs (ingest platform & mnat
     prototype cleanup, more & better IPv6 testing & examples)

Please note:

1. This meeting will be recorded if nobody withholds consent, as
covered by the latest draft process guidelines here:

The purpose of recording is to aid with minutes, enable later review
of comments, and to help future new or prospective group members get
oriented.  The video will be posted to Youtube and made publicly
available without an expiration.  However, if requested by recorded
participants, sections of the public recording will be redacted to
their satisfaction as needed, before or after publication (though
after publication of course there may be copies outside our control).
A link to the recording will be kept in the meeting log here (and
updated if replaced with a redacted recording):

2. This is a W3C Community Group meeting, so it's to operate under
the W3C Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct:

I hope to see you on Wednesday.

Thanks and regards,

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