Notes on timelines, deliverables

For the record here is a quick transcription of the whiteboards from
our discussion on deliverables and timelines.

In short, we decided on three milestones:

1. First draft of code framework, with one test working end-to-end (May 1)
2. Mostly finalized framework with the easiest 3/4 of tests implemented (July 1)
3. Final deliverable with all code and documentation (September 17)

These are pessimistic timelines and we hope we can get through this faster.

My transcription of notes follows:


1. Framework + 1 test (+1 test case)
- Requirements (Jo)
- Draft formats (Jo)

2. 3/4 of tests
- Test cases for tests (Dom)
- Finalized formats (Jo)

3. Final deliverable
- More test cases
- Documentation (javadoc, user, developer)
- Bugs?
- Owners?
- Performance?
- Exit criteria?
  - All tested, implemented
  - One user-facing implementation

Rough timelines, by task

1. Test cases
Start in mid April
Complete test cases for deliverable 2 by July 1
Complete all test cases by Sep. 1

2. Requirements
Complete requirements by mid April

3. Formats
Complete draft of formats by mid April
Complete finalized formats and schemas by mid May

4. Implementation
Begin mid April to deliver #1 on May 1
Deliver #2 on July 1
Deliver code for #3 on Sep. 1

5. Documentation
Finalize design doc by mid April
Complete draft of all documentation for #2 by July 1
All documentation complete by Sep. 17

6. Review
Start "alpha release" public review after #2 is delivered
Continue through final delivery of #3

7. Performance, bugs
Begin review of performance issues, outstanding bugs in early August

8. UI
Begin work on draft of after #2 completes in July 1
Continue through Sep. 17 and try to have a release ready with #3

Received on Monday, 2 April 2007 13:28:22 UTC