Slides and IRC logs for Luxembourg workshop available

The MultilingualWeb Workshop in Luxembourg was another success, thanks 
once again to the efforts of the excellent speakers and the local 
organizers. The program included another Open Space discussion organized 
by TAUS, and a new feature was a number of poster presentations. We had 
over 130 attendees.

The program page has now been updated to point to speakers’ slides and 
to the relevant parts of the IRC logs. Links to video recordings will 
follow shortly.

There are also some links pointing to social media reports, such as blog 
posts, tweets and photos, related to the workshop. If you have any blog 
posts about the workshop, photos, etc. online, please let Richard Ishida 
know ( so that we can link to them from this page.

A summary report of the workshop will follow a little later.

We also heard that there may be  more MultilingualWeb workshops in the 
future. More news on that will follow as the plans firm up.

Best regards,
Richard I.

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