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Re: ML Schema call agenda November 21, 2016

From: Agnieszka Ławrynowicz <agnieszka.lawrynowicz@cs.put.poznan.pl>
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2016 11:58:44 +0100
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To: Jim O' Donoghue <jodonoghue@computing.dcu.ie>
Hi Jim, All,

Many thanks for very interesting discussion!!

Just a reminder that today there is no call. 
We plan the next call on mid January. 
For your convenience, below I attach the minutes from the last call.

Kind regards and cheers,


**Minutes from the ML Schema call November 21, 2016**


1) We will set up the next call around mid January
2) One major topic of this planned January call will be modeling deep learning
3) We will issue call for use cases by then
4) There is an initial plan for OpenML hackathon in March which could tackle the topic of modeling deep learning
5) We should also think on data mining (DM) community not only machine learning (ML) community. The former one may be more interested in knowledge based approaches, metadata and schemas and might be closer to cross-domain use cases. Cross-domain uses cases (beyond pure DM/ML) may require more metadata interoperability

> Wiadomość napisana przez Jim O' Donoghue <jodonoghue@computing.dcu.ie> w dniu 21.11.2016, o godz. 17:41:
> Hi Everyone, 
> It was great to meet you all today. Some interesting topics were discussed and I look forward to exploring them in the future and collaborating with you all. 
> Kind Regards,
> Jim
> On 21/11/16 12:01, Agnieszka Ławrynowicz wrote:
>> Dear All, 
>> Below please find an agenda for today’s call of the Machine Learning Schema W3C Community Group.
>> Call November 21, 2016, 1.30pm CET
>> Agenda 
>> 1. Extending ML Schema beyond the core schema (deep learning and other ideas). 
>> We will use Google Hangout for the call [1].
>> Regards and Cheers,
>> Agnieszka
>> [1] https://hangouts.google.com/call/dskyydrmpsybpvxhql5aehiht4a <https://hangouts.google.com/call/dskyydrmpsybpvxhql5aehiht4a>
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