media fragment URI use on web pages

Hi guys,

I've been wondering about how we can use media fragment URIs on Web
page URLs such that the fragment is handed through to the correct
media element. Existing schemes - such as YouTube's scheme of e.g. only work with a
single video on a page.

It might be an idea to suggest something like:[0]&t=10,20

Then it's possible to provide a URL with media fragments for multiple
videos on a page:[0]&t=10,20&video[1]&t=30,40 etc.

or for all videos on the page:,20

It would be nice if something like this (or nicer - improved
suggestions welcome) becomes a scheme that everyone uses and that
therefore the browsers can support.

It's a scheme on a Web page (.html) rather than on a media resource
(.ogv / .webm / .mp4) and as such not really something that this group
was chartered for. But I believe we could add a note that recommends
such use and would be a Web author recommendation, and that the HTML
WG could eventually pick up as a browser recommendation.



Received on Thursday, 28 October 2010 00:14:04 UTC