Media Fragments Working Group: Agenda 01 December, Telecon 1000 UTC

Dear Media Fragmenters,

Please, find attached the agenda for this week telecon, 
I suggest we spend the hour approving the many changes in the text that 
should result from all actions.

   Erik & RaphaŽl


AGENDA Teleconference
W3C Media Fragments Working Group telephone conference 2010-12-01
Wednesday, 01 December *10:00-11:00 UTC*
Local time: 

01 December 2010, 1000 UTC
               0200 (West US)
               1000 (Galway)
               1100 (Amsterdam, Sophia-Antipolis, Pretoria)
               1900 (Tokyo)
               2100 (Sydney)
Bridge US: +1-617-761-6200 (Zakim)
Bridge FR: +
Bridge UK: +44.203.318.0479
Conference code : 3724# (spells "FRAG")
Duration : 60 minutes
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Chair: Erik, Raphael
Scribe: Conrad, Michael, Jack
Regrets: none

Please note that Media Fragments WG telecons are for attendance by
members and invited experts only.

* Roll call
* PROPOSED to accept the minutes of the last week telecon:

* ACTION-191: Yves to update the production rules of the time dimension 
with the npt format for making the hours optional
* ACTION-192: Davy  to update the specification to state what the 
processing should do when media fragments request (time dimension) does 
not match exactly how the media item has been encoded
* ACTION-193: Erik to make a schema for the server redirect recipe 	
* ACTION-194: RaphaŽl to add an intro paragraph in the section 5 to 
explain which recipes is useful for which dimension
* ACTION-197: RaphaŽl to also add in the intro of Section 5 a paragraph 
explaining the optimistic processing of fragments (using ranges in seconds)
* ACTION-198: RaphaŽl to edit section 7.1 for taking into account the 
cropping resolution
* ACTION-199: Raphael to add a clarification text regarding the purpose 
of the grammar 	
* ACTION-200: Raphael to send a proposal to close ISSUE-19 that consists 
in: clarification text + normative parsing algorithm
* ACTION-201: Silvia to write a paragraph, note to developers, that they 
can easily implement a javascript to forward the hash on the URI to the 
video element
* ACTION-202: Silvia to draft the paragraph that the group will propose 
to HTML5 regarding how the control of media fragment URI should be done
* ACTION-173: Yves to produce the code that will check the grammar of 
both the URI syntax and the Headers syntax

* ISSUE-19 [Philippe]: Parsing must be defined normatively in the MF 
spec itself
** Philippe's proposal: 

* Chris Double:
* Media Annotations WG:
* ACTION-196: RaphaŽl to address comments from the Media Annotations WG 
and draft a reply

* Image sprite in HTML5:
** Specify how to render Media Fragments in UA? Write a reply to HTML5?
* Use Case from Europeana:
** Robert Sanderson:
** Bernhard Haslhofer:
** Add this use case in the UC & Requirements document?
* Solution:
** An extra parameter in the Media Fragment URI?
** A new attribute in the HTML5 media element?

4. Use Cases and Requirements:
* From Ericsson (media fragment URI for video chat):
* From Google: SemWebVid?
* From HTTP Streaming?

* ISSUE-18 [Raphael]: RTSP processing of Media Fragments URI
** See:
** Include 
in the spec?

* Corrib test tool:
* ACTION-146: Jack to identify and add in corrib any missing test cases 
for temporal fragments
** See also:
** Suggestion of nasty test cases by Philip:
* ACTION-148: Michael to add a copy TC functionality in corrib
* ACTION-149: Michael to come up with a fix for overview vs. edit single 
TC in corrib
* ACTION-167: Erik to find license free movies for the automatic test 
suite ... starting with Elephant Dreams and the creative commons
* ACTION-168: Davy to investigate how the automatic test suite could 
also be done for evaluating the UA behavior
* ISSUE-9 [Michael]: Should we have the media type inside the Test Cases?
* ISSUE-10 [Michael]: Media Fragments Test Case Maintenance

* ISSUE-13 [Raphael]: Write a IETF draft for proposing how to register 
the fragment scheme for all media types
* ISSUE-17 [Yves]: Media Fragment track names and IRIs
** See:

8. AOB

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