Re: [whatwg] Built-in image sprite support in HTML5

On 25 mei 2010, at 14:05, RaphaŽl Troncy wrote:

> Hi Silvia,
>> FYI: there is a discussion about image sprites happening on the WHATWG
>> mailing list and I've just had the following feedback on using #xywh
>> for highlighting an image region rather than focusing in on it.
>> We might want to change it or better explain our reasons for display choices.
> Thanks for passing this on. The current WD says very little about the display of a spatial Media Fragment. I quote:
> "For a spatial URI fragment, it is recommended to emphasize the spatial region during playback. For instance, the spatial region could be indicated by means of a bounding box or the background (i.e., all the pixels that are not contained within the region) could be blurred or darkened."
> Therefore, the highlighting is *just* an example. We can decide to stay very fuzzy on this or on the contrary recommend some display. 

I'm all for being fuzzy. We have to: we don't know the application, so we can't dictate what the application should do.

This is just as true for #t=10,20 as for #xywh, by the way. Our suggestion of highlighting the part of the timeline that's relevant only holds for applications that have such a timeline, and which allow user interaction in the first place.

I think we have to say something like "using a fragment id on an html document usually does it in this way. Unless you have a good reason to do it differently we suggest you follow the same principles for media fragments".
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