Re: ACTION-123: Silvia to come up with ABNF for header syntax - FINISHED

2010/5/20 RaphaŽl Troncy <>:
> Hi Silvia,
>> I have worked on the ABNF for the HTTP headers and they are now all
>> part of the spec at the appropriate locations.
>> I have also aggregated them into an additional appendix, see
>> .
> Thanks, great work!
> I'm wondering whether you have re-used some definitions from HTTP 1.1 Bis,
> or not?

Yes, I have started from the relevant definitions there and extended
them where necessary. I have put links in the document where I have
done so.

>> I will not claim that everything I wrote is correct, so please go and
>> check back with your understanding and in particular with your
>> implementations. This is meant for us to take the next step. I'd be
>> particularly interested in having Yves counter-check, since he seems
>> to be the ABNF expert amongst us. :-)
> I will roll the ball to Yves!

Also ask your plugin developer if he can cross-read!


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