Re: Notify user agent available fragment

Hi Silvia,

> 5.2.1 states:
> "This is the case typically where a user agent has already downloaded
> those parts of a media resource that allow it to do or guess the
> mapping, e.g. headers or a resource, or an index of a resource."
> If we want to stay independent of the HTML5 specification, this is an
> acceptable description of the condition, IMHO. If we want to use HTML5
> as an example, we can certainly add the note on HAVE_METADATA.

Yes, I think the general description is OK, but we could also add, as an 
example, what does it mean for HTML5, and therefore talk about the 

> Raphael, I think no matter whether it is written in the spec or not,
> you will always get this questions, since it is a core issue to
> understand. ;-)

Agree :-) Thus the will to make this as clearer as possible in the spec.


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