Media Fragments Working Group: Agenda 17 February, Telecon 1000 UTC

Dear Media Fragmenters,

Please, find below the agenda for this week telecon
Actions opened:
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Erik & RaphaŽl


AGENDA Teleconference
W3C Media Fragments Working Group telephone conference 2010-02-17
Wednesday, 17 February *10:00-11:00 UTC*
Local time:

17 February 2010, 1000 UTC
               0200 (West US)
               1000 (Galway)
               1100 (Amsterdam, Sophia-Antipolis, Pretoria)
               1900 (Tokyo)		
               2100 (Sydney)		
Bridge US: +1-617-761-6200 (Zakim)
Bridge FR: +
Bridge UK: +44.117.370.6152
Conference code : 3724# (spells "FRAG")
Duration : 60 minutes
IRC channel          : #mediafrag on
W3C IRC Web Client   :
Other clients are listed at
Zakim information    :
Zakim bridge monitor :
Zakim IRC bot        :

Chair: Raphael, Erik
Scribe: Silvia (On Deck: Conrad, Michael, Jack)
Regrets: Davy

Please note that Media Fragments WG telecons are for attendance by
members and invited experts only.

* Roll call
* PROPOSED to accept the minutes of the 10 February 2009 telecon:
* Charter Extension:
We need to update the new milestone expectations on the group's home 
page, as described here:
* ACTION-92: Erik and Raphael to coordinate the writing of papers
** Target is MTAP SI on Semantic Multimedia,, Erik 
will circulate a draft version soon.

2. F2F Meeting:
* Draft Agenda:


* ACTION-134: Erik to mark up the spec with normative and informative 
classes [postpone?]
* ACTION-139: Silvia to mark up specified sections as implementable

3.1 Media Fragment URI syntax: (Yves)
* Bug in the npt specification:
* ACTION-126: Yves to follow up on error in ABFN for npt
* ACTION-132: Philip to send to the mailing list a description of a new 
issue to be discussed (dealing with decimal for specifying time?)
* Correct the NPT scheme (drop the 's') and point to

3.2 Protocol for URI fragment Resolution in HTTP:
* ACTION-123: Yves to come up with ABNF for header syntax
* ACTION-138: Silvia to include Erik's diagrams into specification
* Review of the complete Section 5.2.1 for group approval
* Question of MF URI validity by Philip:
* Suggestion of nasty test cases by Philip:

3.3 Rendering of Media Fragments URI in UA:
* Davy: thoughts about other dimensions (spatial, track)
* ISSUE-5 [Jack]: Handling spatial cropping requires information at
* ACTION-135: Davy, Erik to extend section 5 regarding spatial and track 
* ACTION-137: Jack to check that 5.1.4 is implementable using the protocol

3.4 Discovery of 'Track' and 'Named' fragments:
* ISSUE-4 [Silvia]: Should we pre-define some track names?
* Davy's strawman implementation using ROE:
* Silvia's blog post: 

* Jack's proposal to write up that we should distinguish the mechanism 
(ROE, MPEG-21) vs the semantics
* Franck revival:

3.5 Handling of 'Track' and 'ID':
* Conrad's proposal (Fragment header):


4.1 Active:

4.2 Non-Active:
* ISSUE-6 [Jack]: Temporal clips that require transcoding
* ISSUE-7 [Michael]: User Agent Media Fragment Resolution and Processing
* ISSUE-9 [Michael]: Should we have the media type inside the Test Cases?
* ISSUE-12 [Raphael]: What's the relationship between Images (CSS) 
Sprites and the spatial dimension of the Media Fragments URI scheme?
* ISSUE-13 [Raphael]: Write a IETF draft for proposing how to register 
the fragment scheme for all media types
* ISSUE-14 [Davy]: How to deal with embedded time stamps

5. TEST CASES: (Michael)
* Corrib test tool:
* ACTION-108: Michael to add the missing test cases in corrib
* ACTION-118: Michael to come up with individual 'normal' test cases (+/-20)
* ACTION-119: Yves to request admins to set up a cvs notifications 
mailing list and notifications
* ACTION-140: Michael to create a more readable version of the TC 
classification at

* ACTION-34: Jack to look at python-url library to see whether he could
implement the logic on client side
* ACTION-35: Raphael to look at curl and/or wget to see whether the logic
could be implemented on client side
* ACTION-70: Jack to commit in CVS (code directory) his python code 
doing the parsing on client side of the media fragment
* ACTION-71: Michael to investigate whether he could have an 
implementation in Javascript that does the client-side media fragments 

7. AOB

RaphaŽl Troncy
EURECOM, Multimedia Communications Department
2229, route des CrÍtes, 06560 Sophia Antipolis, France.
e-mail: &
Tel: +33 (0)4 - 9300 8242
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