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Re: minutes of 2009-03-25 teleconference

From: Silvia Pfeiffer <silviapfeiffer1@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 08:44:48 +1100
Message-ID: <2c0e02830903251444i5fe3587er66ee80ad396d2f4b@mail.gmail.com>
To: RaphaŽl Troncy <Raphael.Troncy@cwi.nl>
Cc: Media Fragment <public-media-fragment@w3.org>
Hi all,

Apologies again for not being able to make the conference call. A
later time (about 2 hours later) would actually work better for me

I have some comments inside the minutes...

2009/3/25 RaphaŽl Troncy <Raphael.Troncy@cwi.nl>:
> † 3.2 Use Cases and requirements
> † Silvia and Guillaume will finish it by the end of this week

OK, I have now added the remaining "Required types of media fragments"
section and with this the use cases and requirements section should be

> † 3.3 Technology Survey
> † Erik would like to know if he could take action to improve this
> † section
> † Raphael: what changes can we bring?
> † ... I think for example that the formal grammar of TimedText is
> † unnecessary

I agree with removing formal grammar. There's also a bit in the CMML section.

> † Jack: what about a companion document ?
> † ... I would suggest summarize the wiki page in the main document
> † ... and provide an informative reference to the complete wiki page
> † ... I would like to have this technology survey perhaps published as
> † a Working Group note since I find it useful
> † Davy: 5.1 should be in the ref section

I disagree - I think this section should get slightly extended with a
description of how each of these schemes works. They explain our

> † Raphael: yes, the examples come actually from 5.3

5.1 and 5.3 are not identical - a lot of the 5.1 specs are not repeated in 5.3

I have a problem with CMML - CMML is not the temporal URI spec.
I think that section needs to be split into the temporal URI spec here
in and a CMML section in a new 5.3.3 section on "Named

We are also missing a "Track Fragments" section with examples where
that is already possible (if they exist).

> † <scribe> ACTION: Erik to summarize the content of the wiki page to
> † put in the main document, with few examples and a short story
> † [recorded in
> † [8]http://www.w3.org/2009/03/25-mediafrag-minutes.html#action01]

I also offer to work over the "CMML" section and make it more
appropriate for the document.

> † Jack: do you want to copy the movies on the W3C server?
> † Raphael: yes, to have permanent URI for these resources
> † ... which format we will use? mp4, ogg?
> † Jack: ffmpeg should be able to slice the movie, need to check

Ogg does not need to be sliced - there are server extensions that do
that for you dynamically. I would suggest to install oggz-chop and the
cgi on the Web server if we can. Yves - would that be possible?

> † Davy: we have a piece of software that should be able to slice a
> † media file independantly of the codec format
> † ... I will demo this software during the f2f meeting

I sure would love to see that! Can you maybe do a screencast?

> † Yves: media.w3.org works on Apache, would be good to check for
> † deployment
> † <scribe> ACTION: Jack to check whether ffmpeg can slide movies
> † easily, need for implementation on client and server side [recorded
> † in [13]http://www.w3.org/2009/03/25-mediafrag-minutes.html#action05]
> † <trackbot> Created ACTION-53 - Check whether ffmpeg can slide movies
> † easily, need for implementation on client and server side [on Jack
> † Jansen - due 2009-04-01].

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