Linked Media: Weaving non-textual content into the semantic web

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I attended today a European Mozilla camp, where I presented the following 
presentation (also linked from the MF group homepage):
  Linked Media: Weaving non-textual content into the semantic web

I have presented the latest result from both working groups and make an 
explicit call for implementations since I was talking to the 
developer/hacker community. They receive very positively the work of 
both groups and some of them said they will implement spec.

Regarding the Media Fragment status, I received two interesting 
   - Developers like the use of the '#' character for identifying the 
fragment. Some suggest to use a '##' like Pythons library;
   - I got the question: how smart UA will know it is requesting a 
fragment of a media resource and needs to do the clever processing of 
encoding the fragment in a custom http header?


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