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Use Cases and Requirements Wiki page updated

From: Guillaume Olivrin <golivrin@meraka.org.za>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 13:18:50 +0200
To: Media Fragment <public-media-fragment@w3.org>
Message-Id: <1235647130.12905.33.camel@video-lab>
Dear WG,

This is a follow-up of ACTION-43 (Guillaume to incorporate changes
proposed by reviewers of the Use Case and Requirements Wiki page) now

I have incorporated all the changes from the UC reviews (Raphael, Jack,
Guillaume and Davy) in the Wiki. I encourage you to review the new Draft
with all the changes incorporated at

Below I raise a few points about the changes: 

* I kept the (Out-Of-Scope) Use Cases in the Draft with the others. I
think it's important to show what's IN and what's OUT. Maybe we ought to
have more Out-Of-Scope use case...

* The main structural changes to the UC draft are:
*1 I have fully removed Section 2 (the "technology" use cases) and
incorporated these UCs in with the first section under their appropriate
*2 The two parts of the draft are now called Functional and
Non-functional Requirements.
*3 I have given each UC a short name

* (Ex-)Section 2 tried to give an account what Media Fragments meant for
existing technologies (and new developments thereof). Instead it gave UC
stories. Should we still try to capture in a separate wiki page
(discussion page) what features media fragments bring from the
technological point of view? For example to make Media Fragment explicit
by application (web browsers, media players, search engines) - i.e.
Search engines could return media fragments in their results, media
players could introduce extra meta-data and auto-generate playlists from
all fragments of a media, web browser will have URI rewrite schemes for
time and space etc ...). 

* UC similarities & relations :

(Linking) Scenario 3: Portion of Music 
related to
(Recomposing) Scenario 5: Music Samples

(Linking) Scenario 4: Moving Windows of Interest 
related to
(Annotating) Scenario 7: Spatial and Temporal Tagging

(Linking) Scenario 1: Search Engine
related to
(Annotating) Scenario 5: Search Engine
related to
(Annotating) Scenario 1: Spatial Tagging of Images

(Linking) Scenario 2: Region of an Image
related to
(Recomposing) Scenario 1: Reframing a photo in a slideshow

It seems more interesting and explicit to have many specialised UC
rather than too generic ones. 

Also Captured
as SVG
and PNG

Additional UCs :
+ The "Search engine" UC under "Annotating Media Fragments"
Guillaume wants to retrieve the images of each bike present at a recent
cycling event. Group photos and general shots of the event have been
published online and thanks to a query in a search engine, Guillaume can
now retrieve multiple individual shots of each bike in the collection.

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