Media Fragments Working Group: Agenda 29 April, Telecon 1200 UTC

Dear Media Fragmenters,

Please, find below the agenda for this week telecon. 

The scribe will be Guillaume (Michael, Jack are on deck).
Best regards.

   Erik & RaphaŽl


AGENDA Teleconference
W3C Media Fragments Working Group telephone conference 2009-04-29

Wednesday, 29 April *12:00-13:00 UTC*
Local time: 

29 April 2009, 1200 UTC
                   0500 (West US)
		  1300 (Galway)
                   1400 (Amsterdam)
                   2100 (Tokyo)
                   2200 (Sydney)
Bridge US: +1-617-761-6200 (Zakim)
Bridge FR: +
Bridge UK: +44.117.370.6152
Conference code : 3724# (spells "FRAG")
Duration : 60 minutes
IRC channel          : #mediafrag on
W3C IRC Web Client   :
Other clients are listed at
Zakim information    :
Zakim bridge monitor :
Zakim IRC bot        :

Chair: Raphael, Erik
Scribe: Guillaume (On Deck: Michael, Jack)
Regrets: none

Please note that Media Fragments WG telecons are for attendance by
members and invited experts only.

* Roll call
* PROPOSED to accept the minutes of the 08 April 2009 telecon:
* PROPOSED to accept the minutes of the 16-17 April 2009 F2F:
* ACTION-66: Jack to look at the organisation of the 4th F2F meeting in 
Amsterdam on September 17-18 (just after IBC)
See also:


2.1 Publishing and future documents (Raphael)
* ACTION-68: Raphael to ask the Media Annotations WG to review our document
* ACTION-74: Erik and Raphael to request feedback of other groups such 
as SYMM, SVG, HTML + WHATWG, WAI, MAWG, TAG, MobileWeb, TimedText
* ACTION-65: Raphael to split Current UC and Req into UCR and Syntax doc
* ACTION-75: Raphael to split the document and setup the diff feature of 

2.2 Existing Technologies Survey (Erik)
* ACTION-51: Erik to Summarize the content of the wiki page to put in
the main document, with few examples and a short story


3.1 Syntax: (Yves)
* ACTION-49: Yves to Draft the HTTP-Range syntax for different units
(completing all the syntax for the two way handshake)
* ACTION-67: Erik to sync with Jean Pierre to get the edit units spec 

3.2 HTTP implementation (Raphael)
* ACTION-63: Conrad to update the Wiki with his more general approach 
with precisely the same examples
* ACTION-69: Conrad to draw a representation of the general structure of 
a media resource, for streamable formats

* ACTION-72: Michael to setup template for test cases on wiki

* ISSUE-3 [Michael]: Does our MF URI syntax imply that we need to update
MIME Type registrations?
* ISSUE-4 [Silvia]: Should we pre-define some track names?
** ACTION-73: Conrad to change the phrasing of the issue 4 (just 
* ISSUE-5 [Jack]: Handling spatial cropping requires information at 
* ISSUE-6 [Jack]: Temporal clips that require transcoding
** ACTION-62: Yves to ask the TAG whether transcoding should be 
forbidden or not when we send a fragment of a resource
* ISSUE-7 [Michael]: User Agent Media Fragment Resolution and Processing
** ACTION-64: Michael to write into the WD section 6.4, what the client 
should do with #everything after the hash : "Client Side Media Fragment 
* ISSUE-8 [Michael]: Missing collection of MF WG decisions

* ACTION-34: Jack to look at python-url library to see whether he could
implement the logic on client side
* ACTION-35: Raphael to look at curl and/or wget to see whether the
logic could be implemented on client side
* ACTION-70: Jack to commit in CVS (code directory) his python code 
doing the parsing on client side of the media fragment
* ACTION-71: Michael to investigate whether he could have an 
implementation in Javascript that does the client-side media fragments 

7. AOB

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CWI (Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science),
Kruislaan 413, 1098 SJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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