Media Fragments Working Group: 17 December Telecon is CANCELED

Dear Media Fragmenters,

Apologies for this late notice, but Erik and I have conflict meetings 
today and we will not be able to make the telecon. Yves has been forced 
to take his days off, so we have decided to _cancel_ today's telecon. 
The next teleconference will therefore be on Wednesday 7 January 2009, 
10:00 UTC.

The minutes and the digest of the action points of our last face-to-face 
meeting will be sent later this week. We wish you Merry Christmas and an 
Happy new Year and we look forward to continue this work early next year.
Best regards.

   Erik & RaphaŽl

RaphaŽl Troncy
CWI (Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science),
Science Park 123, 1098 XG Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Tel: +31 (0)20 - 592 4093
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