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REMINDER: Constraints registration - opinion poll

From: Harald Alvestrand <harald@alvestrand.no>
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2015 11:04:29 +0200
Message-ID: <5576AC1D.2040108@alvestrand.no>
To: public-media-capture@w3.org
The chairs are going to read this poll and try to draw a conclusion in
two days.

We're not going to be done with Media Capture until this one is settled.

If you have an opinion (even if it's "can live with anything" or "none
of the above"), we want to see your name on the list!

            Harald, for the chairs

Den 04. juni 2015 10:11, skrev Harald Alvestrand:
> We would like to make sure the TF has a consensus on the question of how
> to handle the definition of new constraints after the Media Capture and
> Streams document goes to Proposed Recommendation.
> We made a decision in November 2011 - to use an IANA registry - and have
> documented that in our documents, but there has been considerable list
> traffic on the subject recently, and it is clear that not all TF members
> are certain that we made the right decision.
> We want to figure out whether this is a case where the consensus has
> changed, whether there is no consensus in the TF, or whether we have a
> rough consensus for staying with the previous decision.
> We are therefore sending out a Doodle poll, asking people to “stand up
> and be counted”. This is a poll to determine whether consensus exists,
> it is NOT a vote, so we’re asking the TF members to state their personal
> opinion on the matter, not a TF member company’s position.
> We have five options, and three answers possible for each. Since we’re
> using Doodle, the number of words and the choices are sharply limited,
> so we’ll explain them more here.
> YES - this means that you support this option, and will argue in favour
> of it.
> (YES) - this means that you will not argue in favour of this option, but
> you are willing to live with this option if the group declares consensus
> for it.
> NO - this means that you will argue against this option.
> The five options are:
> IANA registry - a registry run by IANA, with registration rules (a draft
> of which exists as an internet-draft) and an initial content described
> by “Media Capture and Streams”
> Living document - we keep the Media Capture and Streams document open
> for editing for the foreseeable future, and revise it every time a new
> constraint is proposed.
> Other document - we create some other document (or wiki, or website, or
> database, or…) that we keep open for editing, define some rules for, and
> expect to maintain for as long as there is a chance that we may need to
> define more constraints.
> Decide later - this means we (whatever is left of the group by then, if
> the group has been dissolved it would have to be handled by W3C is some
> way) decide how deal with this when the first new constraint is proposed
> (and being implemented).
> New idea - I have a new idea that I think we should consider.
> “Yes” on the last one carries the requirement that you describe your
> idea in the poll comments. “No” on the last one indicates that you think
> the options are exhaustive enough that we don’t need to discuss more
> possibilities.
> The Doodle poll is here: http://doodle.com/9v3beu55pgtq4ndh
> The poll will remain open for one week; the chairs will attempt to
> extract a conclusion from the poll results after Thursday, June 11.
> Harald and Stefan
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