Re: [Bug 26062] New: fixing the description of the "_readonly" attribute on MediaStreamTrack

On 06/11/2014 07:16 PM, wrote:
>              Bug ID: 26062
>             Summary: fixing the description of the "_readonly" attribute on
>                      MediaStreamTrack
>             Product: WebRTC Working Group
>             Version: unspecified
>            Hardware: PC
>                  OS: Windows NT
>              Status: NEW
>            Severity: normal
>            Priority: P2
>           Component: Media Capture and Streams
>            Assignee:
>            Reporter:
>                  CC:
> MediaStreamTrack has an attribute in its interface definition called
> "_readonly" (including the underscore).  However, the description refers to it
> as simply "readonly".
> Re the underscore, we had this explained as being a workaround for the fact
> that readonly is a reserved word in WebIDL.
> With a bit digging: the May-29-2013 version of the GUM spec has the underscore
> in the description.  It was removed in the July-2013 update.
> It should be added back to make the spec self-consistent.

According to previous discussion, the WebIDL specification says that 
when the WebIDL is mapped  to Javascript, initial underscores disappear.

So the description is consistent with what a Javascript programmer would 

CamelCase avoids the semantic confusion, though.

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