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My short summary of the Aug 5th call

From: Stefan Håkansson LK <stefan.lk.hakansson@ericsson.com>
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2014 06:23:41 +0000
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It will be some time before Dom can create minutes, so for convenience 
for those who could not attend this is my short summary. Let me know if 
I got something wrong - this is pulled from my memory. And you can 
always look into the IRC log if you would like a view of what was said.

1. Admin: minutes of the June 25th teleconf were approved

2. Algorithm for Ideal, Peter (and Cullen) presented: 
A lot of discussion back and forth, the outcome was that we will move 
forward with the "min distance" algorithm and iron out some details over 
mail (and this has started: 

3. Bugs: Harald presented 
Two bugs were dealt with:
- 22214, and the specific question if labels are accessible to an app, 
that has had access, after all devices have been closed. It was decided 
that the app should not have label access (for symmetry reasons, it does 
not help regarding fingerprinting since the app can store labels)
- 22251, and Errors when no device is available (or audio or video can't 
be delivered for other reasons): it was decided to adopt the (one year 
old) proposal
There is also some info on how everyone can help out in bug resolution 
in the slides.

3. (Added agenda point): Should 'bare' mean something else than 'ideal'? 
Jan-Ivar presented 
and argued that a bare constraint should mean 'required' and not 'ideal' 
(as it currently does). The outcome was that we will not change, a bare 
constraint will continue to mean 'ideal'.


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