Re: [Bug 19594] remove "BLOB" from url usage for createObjectURL()

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>>> The platform guarantees that it can be used for
>>> this purpose, and it guarantees that it can be used for this purpose once.
>> Why only once? Gecko doesn't have that limitation.
> Yeah, I thought that odd too.  I can see why you might say "at least once", but
> I would have thought it straightforward enough to use the same URL as many
> times as the platform can handle, as long as the stream remains valid.

The problem with that formulation is that it contains a couple of
undefined terms:

- "as many times as the platform can handle" - how does an app developer
know that number? The "at least once" formulation was intended to allow
more than one, but that the developer could depend on there being at
least one.

- "as long as the stream remains valid" - how does an app developer test
if an URL refers to a valid stream?

I'm fond of mandating the minimum guarantees we need in order to make
sure it's useful. What is available beyond that might not be useful to

>> But you have to be careful with the wording because using srcObject
>> has different implications for the lifetime of the stream than using
>> createObjectURL.
> I lost you.  The two ways of doing essentially the same thing have different
> properties?  In what way?
Could we mandate that the two have the same effect (including creating a
reference to the MediaStream object, which prevents garbage collecting)
if the CreateObjectURL and <video>.src assignment happen in the same
Javascript block?

I think Javascript gc is only supposed to happen, conceptually, between

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