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[Bug 19594] remove "BLOB" from url usage for createObjectURL()

From: <bugzilla@jessica.w3.org>
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2013 11:51:23 +0000
To: public-media-capture@w3.org
Message-ID: <bug-19594-5753-9WzzMPDxtl@http.www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/>

--- Comment #13 from Robert O'Callahan (Mozilla) <roc@ocallahan.org> ---
> CreateObjectURL returns an URL that can be used for setting as the .src URL of
> a <video> or <audio> element.

You mean specifically createObjectURL called with a MediaStream parameter,

> The platform guarantees that it can be used for
> this purpose, and it guarantees that it can be used for this purpose once.

Why only once? Gecko doesn't have that limitation.

> The effect of video.src = CreateObjectURL(stream) should be exactly the same
> as video.srcObject = stream.

It should be the same as far as the behavior of the media element goes, I
agree. But you have to be careful with the wording because using srcObject has
different implications for the lifetime of the stream than using

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