Fifth iteration of Settings API now available

I've completed updates to a Settings API proposal v5.

The highlights:
* Simplified settings model
* Simplified mechanism for discovering other camera/mic devices (before calling getUserMedia)
* Dropped the device list concept
* Simpler inheritance for tracks
* Sources are a property of tracks
* More complete definition of how settings are expected to work
* Concepts introduced for constructable tracks and "new" readyState
* New source objects introduced for tracks belonging to remote media streams

I've already received some feedback that I'll re-post here:

* Some properties for settings may be better suited for the track instead of the source (in v5 all settings are on source objects). These include things like width/height on Video tracks.
* Some properties of the tracks may be better suited for the source object instead (like "facing").
* The "get" API might be more useful if it returned the current constraint (or constraint range) applied to the setting (since the properties return the current value).


Received on Friday, 30 November 2012 23:41:19 UTC