Re: revised recording proposal

Mandyam, Giridhar wrote:
> I am sorry - I don't believe a recording API should be used to enable
 > real-time processing.  I certainly do not think it should be used for any

Well, this is the use case that Jim, Milan, and probably others are 
actually interested in (myself included), so I believe you may be in the 
minority in your belief. The current proposal suggests that both this 
use case and the file-at-once use case have a lot in common, and we'd be 
foolish not to take advantage of that.

 > audio stream processing for ASR.  This is what WebAudio is for, and 
we should
 > work with the Audio WG if their current specification is unsuitable 
for what
 > you believe is required for speech recognition.  But we have a call 
next week
 > - maybe we can discuss this further during that time.

Encoding/decoding of audio belongs at the end-points of any processing 
graph, i.e., in MediaStreams, which are the domain of _this_ Task Force. 
To say nothing of the fact that a solution that only works for audio is 
pretty poor. But you can go venue shopping if you want. Let us know how 
that works out for you.

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