RE: revised recording proposal

In the case where the app does not specify a timeSlice (so that the UA is supposed to wait for the stream to end or for stopRecording to be called) the UA would certainly be able to return a block early by raising an error (i.e., recordingerror, followed by dataavailable, and recordingdone).  I don't think that it should be able to do this without raising an error - it's not doing what the API call asked for, and that should be an error.  "Sorry dude, I just didn't feel like it" doesn't make a great API...

- Jim

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On 27 November 2012 20:08, Mandyam, Giridhar <> wrote:
> In other words, when the developer does not specify a timeSlice, can 
> the UA still return data at pre-set intervals?

I would hope so.  I think that a UA should be permitted to set both minimum and maximum constraints on how often it provides delineated blocks.

As an aside, I don't see any need to have the actual value being discoverable, since it is likely that the constraints on the UA will vary over time.

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