MBUI Glossary / general issues

  Dear all,

   in addition to some new glossary comments I suggest to clarify these general issues:

   - Should we generally resolve abbreviations to increase readability ?
     "AIO that can be decomposed into smaller AIO units."

   - How to treat citations/references (should be removed)?
     "Consistency allows the user to generalize ... [Gram 96]."

   - Clarify terms by contrasting to related / opposite terms:
     "migratory UI" vs. "nomadic UI" vs. "plastic UI"

   - Consider alternative formatting for "true" synonyms: e.g. put in smaller
     font face right bellow the recommended term. Such they would not clutter the
     index and become less present/prominent.

  Best regards, see you tomorrow

Jaroslav Pullmann
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Received on Tuesday, 9 July 2013 15:57:10 UTC