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Re: Behaviour -> Justification & Constraints

From: Paolo Bottoni <bottoni@di.uniroma1.it>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 13:55:08 +0100
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To: Heiko Braun <hbraun@redhat.com>
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I had not answered this.

For Justification I am not sure. Probably it is for documentation purposes.

For the use of Constraint in the AUI model, I have just added a
comment. In the Behaviour package a Constraint is fundamentally
specified by a predicate (possibly complex) to be evaluated, typically
as a guard for the activation of a behaviour.


2013/2/22 Heiko Braun <hbraun@redhat.com>:
> Can someone briefly explain the purpose of the Justification and Constraint associated with Behaviour's?
> Regards, Heiko

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