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Introduction Document

From: Fabio Paterṇ <fabio.paterno@isti.cnr.it>
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2013 14:15:43 +0100
To: public-mbui@w3.org
Message-id: <007201ce0535$3bbbc4d0$b3334e70$@isti.cnr.it>
At the audioconference we discussed the introduction document, it seems in a
good state, however in order to stimulate the interest of people working in
companies it was found useful to add a short section on the tools currently
available for supporting model-based approach. The goal is to stimulate more
interest in them and for this purpose the availability of some tools that
allow people to make direct experience with the proposed concepts seems very


We agreed that at the beginning of this section  it should be made it clear
that such tools do not yet support the standards under development but allow
the users to have more concrete ideas of what model-based approaches are and
their possibilities. For each tool, we need one line for each of the
following piece of information: the levels of the cameleon framework
supported, main functionalities, the URL from where download it (only tools
that can be publicly downloaded should be considered), and any particular
requirement for their installation. 









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