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R: Standardisation of UI modeling in OMG

From: Fabio Paternò <fabio.paterno@isti.cnr.it>
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2012 10:49:19 +0200
To: 'Paolo Bottoni' <bottoni@di.uniroma1.it>, 'Gerrit Meixner' <Gerrit.Meixner@dfki.de>
Cc: public-mbui@w3.org
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Yes, the authors are mainly a group at Polytechnic of Milan and one of its
spin-off (WebRatio) who work on modelling web applications and have a tool
supporting it.


I remember that one of them contacted me and I explained the goals of the
W3C group, which seem different, and said  that they could contribute to it
as well.







Da: Paolo Bottoni [mailto:bottoni@di.uniroma1.it] 
Inviato: martedì 9 ottobre 2012 10:25
A: Gerrit Meixner
Cc: public-mbui@w3.org
Oggetto: Re: Standardisation of UI modeling in OMG


Dear Gerritt,


thank you for signaling this, which is indeed an interesting effort. 


At a quick glance, my impression is that this is a language for the
specification of concrete user interfaces in the graphical modality, vastly
inspired to WebML, with which I have some acquaintance. 


It is well-structured in terms of a MOF-compliant metamodel and it is
probably something to consider when turning to then definition of the CUI
model, if this group should do that, or to define a mapping towards this a
way of concretising the AUI in a graphical form. 




2012/10/9 Gerrit Meixner <Gerrit.Meixner@dfki.de>

Dear colleagues,


I would like to forward an email by Jan Van den Bergh to you. 

Does anyone is aware of IFML? Until now I did not have time to look into the
PDF document.


On a first glance the OMG effort seems to be interesting for our work. Maybe
there is a chance discussing both efforts at a joined meeting in future?


Best regards




Dr.-Ing. Gerrit Meixner

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Von: jvandenbergh@gmail.com [mailto:jvandenbergh@gmail.com] Im Auftrag von
Jan Van den Bergh
Gesendet: Sonntag, 23. September 2012 23:08
An: Gerrit Meixner
Betreff: Standardisation of UI modeling in OMG


Hi Gerrit,


I just noticed a relatively recent standaridisation effort in OMG regarding
user interfaces:


Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML)




Maybe relevant for the standardisation efforts at W3C.


Kind regards,




Paolo Bottoni

Associate Professor of Computer Science

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