Re: WG draft charter

I mean, this is a starting point so we have a way to discuss and edit
together, not remotely close to a final draft, probably.

I suppose different people will disagree, , but I don't think that should
be surprising in and of itself. Practices/techniques/notes documents aren't
generally normative - They aren't in epub charter or even in the ARIA WG
charter. It could be that there should be a normative spec, or that the
spec should contain this itself -- I woud have expected normative things
would go there (in a spec, that is), but I assumed we should start with
something that provided flexibility where there were questions about where
something should be - and that as written, these could live in the spec
itself or another spec that wasn't in this group, but belong to the
coordinators/liasons who straddle groups (you, for example).  Maybe that's
not right, but that's the purpose of getting a starting document - so we
can have all these discussions.

On Tue, Jul 21, 2020 at 11:20 AM Charles LaPierre <>

> Hi Neil, I am concerned that the “MathML Accessibility Techniques” is in
> the non-normative and in the “Such-As” category which is not obligated to
> be completed.
> I feel really strongly that accessibility semantics and its corresponding
> techniques documents MUST be included or we will end up again with a
> specification that when implemented won’t be accessible.
> I was expecting to see in the scope section that “Accessibility Semantics”
> would be part of this, and included in the “Normative Specifications” of
> the deliverables.
> I would also also include possibly in the Other deliverables section a
> reference to Chemistry semantics, and potentially other semantics where
> mathML is used to represent a domain other that mathematics.
> Thanks
> Charles LaPierre
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> On Jul 20, 2020, at 3:43 PM, Neil Soiffer <> wrote:
> Brian wrote a starting point for our MathML Working Group charter. As per
> the meeting today, it is a google doc.
> <>
> I have linked to it from our main MathML Refresh
> <> page. Please take a look at it and
> comment on it or add things you feel are missing.
> Many thanks to Brian for writing up such a great starting document!
>     Neil
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