W3C/OGC Joint Workshop Series on Maps for the Web

Hello Maps for HTML Community!

The Maps for HTML community group will be co-hosting a series of workshops
on standardizing maps for the web, in September and October, on behalf of
the W3C and the OGC.

This series is the replacement for the cancelled plan to have a workshop
for discussing web map standardization at the OGC meeting in Montreal in
June (which Peter Rushforth posted to this list [1] about a few months

As before, the goal is to start a conversation between web map creators,
geospatial experts, and web standards editors and web browser developers,
about how standardization can improve web mapping, for creators and for end

We've redesigned the structure of the workshop to optimize for global
participation. Instead of a few days of tightly scheduled sessions, we are
planning to spread the (video) presentations out over two weeks in late
September 2020, with written discussion to continue through October, so
that everyone has a chance to catch up & comment on the discussion topics.

We also want to continue with the original plan to have “hack” sessions,
where community members can welcome new contributors to their open-source
projects. The full details are still being worked out; feedback or suggests
are welcome.

An overview of the workshops & potential topics is at
The full call for participation, with details on how to register or to
suggest a talk or hack session, is on the same website, at

Deadline for proposals in 30 June, so that we have plenty of time to
arrange a full agenda before September.  It would also be helpful if
interested participants (hopefully including most CG members) could fill in
the basic registration form sooner rather than later, so that we know who
is interested, what you're interested in, & whether we need to work harder
to get the word out!

And of course, we strongly encourage you to share news about the workshop
within your organizations and communities, and with anyone else you think
would be interested in improving maps on the web.

Amelia Bellamy-Royds

[1]: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-maps4html/2020Jan/0003.html

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