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FW: Discourse - Free hosting plan for Maps for HTML

From: Rushforth, Peter (NRCan/RNCan) <peter.rushforth@canada.ca>
Date: Fri, 22 May 2020 19:54:41 +0000
To: public-maps-workshop-pc <public-maps-workshop-pc@w3.org>
Message-ID: <E1jcDl2-0002vi-Le@mimas.w3.org>

I applied for a hosted Discourse instance to support the workshop discussions, before during and after the workshop.

Hopefully they accept the proposal - I’ll keep you posted on developments.


Peter Rushforth

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Conseiller technique
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Ressources naturelles Canada / Gouvernement du Canada
peter.rushforth@canada.ca<mailto:peter.rushforth@canada.ca> / Tél: 613-759-7915

From: Rushforth, Peter (NRCAN/RNCAN) <peter.rushforth.nrcan-rncan@gccollaboration.ca>
Sent: May 22, 2020 3:35 PM
To: Rushforth, Peter (NRCan/RNCan) <peter.rushforth@canada.ca>
Subject: FW: Discourse - Free hosting plan for Maps for HTML

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Subject: Discourse - Free hosting plan for Maps for HTML

Hi, I’m writing because you entered your information at https://free.discourse.group and signed up for our Free Hosting plan. If your application is approved, your site should be provisioned within 2 business days. In any case, you'll hear from us soon.

Community Name

Maps for HTML
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Why do you need Discourse?

We are going to hold a joint online W3C - OGC workshop on standardizing Web maps. We hope to have global participation, with one to two-hour sessions each day over the course of two weeks. Each topic presented by particpants will fall under a "theme", and talks will be recorded and posted online. We are going to invite participants, and the public, to discuss the topics presented. We would like to use Discourse to host each of these topics; the top post in each topic will be a link to and description of the presentation. Discussion will then follow. The objective of our group overall is to standardize Web maps, hopefully as part of HTML, so that users will benefit. We hope to engage geospatial developers, Web browser and Web standards developers. We are definitely aware of https://discourse.wicg.io/, but we hope to start a mapping specific set of conversations with our workshop, scheduled for late September. If all goes well the conversation will ensue for some time after the workshop, and potentially grow (hopefully, but who knows). Our workshop web site is here: https://www.w3.org/2020/maps/ Thanks for your consideration! Peter Rushforth
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Team Discourse

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