Re: Maps 4 HTML Workshop agenda published / sign up for moderation slots!


This looks really great!  Nice job everyone. I’m looking forward to the presentations.


> On 17 Aug 2020, at 16:31, Amelia Bellamy-Royds <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> After some final tweaking between myself & Peter, we posted the current workshop agenda to the website: <>
> (Important — this includes a few changes not reflected in the spreadsheet just yet. The website will be our official schedule going forward; any changes need to be made there.)
> Peter is going to contact all the speakers to ask them to take a look & respond with any concerns about the times or titles or anything else. We'll give them a few days to do that, then we can make a bigger announcement to all registrants & on public mailing lists / organization social media.
> One thing we still need is hosts / moderators for each session. We want 2 committee members responsible for each day. Please take a look and figure out which days work for you. It's probably best if it's *not* a day when you're giving a talk yourself. But it's also best if it's not a time of day when you'll be half asleep!
> ~Amelia

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