Re: Mean character width for 16px Google Fonts (818 Families)

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On 5/31/17, Patrick H. Lauke <> wrote:
> Just wondering: as useful as this research is, is there a risk that this
> (and the related proposed SC) is going to cause issues of
> internationalisation (CJK fonts, arabic fonts, etc, as well as vertical
> text)? The proposed SC should cover these scenarios too, or at the very
> least mention them.

The font bullet was removed from the current Adapting Text SC [1] in
part due to internalization concerns. Please check the Adapting Text
Open Issues [2] as well as the Adapting text user to content
requirements table [3].

Since we don't have the font bullet anymore, I wanted to verify with
Wayne that the spacing metrics in the SC are adequate for when a large
font-family is selected and/or increased spacing is applied to text
for some layouts.

The SC text [1] currently  reads:

If the technologies being used by the author allow users to override
the author-supplied values for the appearance of text (with the
exception of images of text and closed/open captions), no loss of
essential content or functionality occurs when the following are

* line spacing (leading) to at least 1.5
* letter spacing (tracking) to at least 0.12 em
* word spacing to at least 0.16 em

Editor's note: The Working Group seeks to to include overriding text
color, background color, and font-family as part of this SC, but is
not yet able to identify a way to do so that is sufficiently testable.


Do you think we need an additional editor's note regarding the spacing
metrics impact on internationalization, even though we don't have a
font bullet? If so, can you suggest text for it?

Thank you.

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Laura L. Carlson

Received on Wednesday, 31 May 2017 12:32:05 UTC