RE: Icon fonts - semantic elements

No it doesn't, for a couple reasons...

First, if I insert a font icon as decoration, then I haven't failed this but a user who tries to change font will still end up changing this decoration unless their stylesheet can take cue from role="img".

Moreover, I've run across this failure in the past and I don't agree with it at all.  There are perfectly accessible ways to do it, even when considering the very edge case of a user completely turning off style.  And on a practical note, it renders a significant chunk of the web non-compliant.


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Hi Stephen, Jonathan, Alastair, and all,

On 5/17/17, Repsher, Stephen J <> wrote:
> .my-tree-item::before {
>  Font-family: Icon-Font;
>  content: \Code-for-Icon / "my icon label"; }

I just ran across F87: Failure of Success Criterion 1.3.1 due to inserting non-decorative content by using :before and :after pseudo-elements and the 'content' property in CSS

Does that cover what we need for a failure technique?


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