RE: Icon fonts - semantic elements

The definition of Text from WCAG 2 is likely relevant.

sequence of characters that can be programmatically determined, where the sequence is expressing something in human language


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Hi Stephen, Jonathan, Alastair, and all,

On 5/17/17, Repsher, Stephen J <> wrote:

>> In my opinion, SC 1.3.1 is already met by providing aria-label or CSS 
>> off-screen text that is near/as subtree of the icon/icon link and 
>> conveys the same meaning.
> [Steve] Yes but that's 1.1.1 and not 1.3.1, right?

Fundamental question to all:

Do we consider icon fonts to be text or non-text content? The answer to that may help us sort it out.

The icon fonts definitions that I have found are at:

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