Re: Another way forward? (Just an idea for discussion)

On Thu, 2017-05-04 at 13:53 +1000, David Wood wrote:
> So how do you interpret this bit?
> [[
> - Section 3.1: "BigRetailer receives a Web Publication from
> EsteemedPublisher that it intends to add to its catalogue.
> BigRetailer
> wants to adds it own “teaser” via an alternative reading order. To
> achieve
> that, BigRetailer provides its own version of the publication’s
> manifest,
> that the user agent will use instead of the publisher’s manifest."
> Does that mean a replacement of a manifest file, or a different FRBR
> manifest? It could be either. 

Well, "a manifistation" is a different word from "a manifest". There's
no such thing as a frbr manifest. A manifest in PWP means a list of
files. The BigRetailer adds a new entry to the list of files in the
publication, the "teaser".

Would the PWP spec be clearer if any references to FRBR were entirely


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