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On 6/12/17, Wayne Dick <> wrote:
> Looking over the literature I have concluded that 0.075em to .1em are best.
> Before posting everything I would like to take a day to verify all my
> calculations. I will update the justification.
> There is controversy the crowding issue. Some say it has no effect. Others
> claim it changes water into wine. Two articles stand out. An article by
> Chung that demonstrates no effect, and an article by MacLeish that shows
> significant effect. Since the MacLeish study took place in a more natural
> setting I tend to favor it. Chung used a method called Rapid Serial Visual
> Presentation a reading setting not used by many readers.
> Please wait a day for a detailed analysis. Last time I didn't take notes.
> This time I don't want to make that mistake.
> Wayne

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