Fwd: Low vision and web use

Interesting info graphic on Low Vision with cognitive information included.
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Date: Thu, Jul 21, 2016 at 12:44 PM
Subject: Low vision and web use
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Low vision and web use

We are please to share a new infographic on low vision. With this
content, we aim to raise awareness of low vision and its impacts. We have
included details on the size and growth of the low vision population, the
causes and types of low vision, and the impact of vision loss on web use.

View the infographic
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Through education, we hope to dispel some of the common misconceptions
about low vision, including:

   - All vision issues are correctable
   - Anyone with non-correctable vision loss is blind
   - All vision loss is the same
   - Rates of vision loss are declining
   - People with similar conditions have similar needs

Read the infographic
for an accurate picture of low vision and its impacts. As always, we
encourage you to share this content to help improve understanding of this
important topic.

The Sitecues team
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