Re: 1100% may be physically impossible and still not achieve the results on smaller monitors

Léonie wrote:
> Where did the 1100% target come from? Sorry if I've missed it, but I'm 
> assuming there is some research/evidence behind this choice 

There were some links to research posted on the github page [1]. However, they were fairly long and academic and from reading the abstracts I couldn’t see a connection to the 1100% figure.

I would appreciate it if AllanJ-uaag (sorry I don’t know your name!) could post a paragraph or two drawing the conclusion that gets us to the figure. (I did have a look through the LVTF requirements doc, but didn’t see any support there, it’s a bit out of the blue.)

Léonie also wrote:
> I suggest we also need to have conversations with browser vendors to see 
> if they're willing to implement the functionality.

The desktop browsers would need to allow for greater zoom, but I think the more urgent problem is with mobile user agents where there is currently no mechanism for zoom without horizontal scrolling. Some mobile UAs do include text-sizing, but providing a setting for pinch-zooming past 100% with re-flow would be far more effective. I made an outline proposal previously [2].



2] Under point 3 in: 

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