Re: uri for uri

Merry Christmas to the public-lod mailing list!

As a gift to you all, I have re-launched the uri4uri site, now truly
permanently available at <> and upgraded for even
greater linked data satisfaction! There were a lot of changes and news to
the site, including (but not limited to):
* JSON-LD as a supported serialization format.
* New namespaces for URI-related things such as ports (like 80) , named
services (like SMTP), protocols (like TCP), URN namespaces (like uuid),
well-known URIs (like genid), etc. All of them provide meaningful
information automatically and periodically extracted from IANA.
Additionally, Wikidata is queried in real time for most of them, so even
entities not registered in IANA get useful descriptions! If you need a
quick up-to-date source of information about these things (and filename
suffixes and others), this is now the place to go to!
* All datasets are described using VoID at <>.
There is not a SPARQL endpoint yet, but Triple Pattern Fragments are now
supported and can be used with a client-side SPARQL engine. And yes, CORS
is enabled, so you can query the site from web applications too!
* Some more provenance information and additional metadata added to all
entities wherever possible.
* Domains now use RDAP as the primary query mechanism, so there is no need
for a hardcoded WHOIS list and parser anymore (the WHOIS record is still
provided through RDAP however). IP addresses are supported too!
* MIME types support structured extensions like +xml, +json etc., and
parameters are correctly parsed as well.
* Escaping requirements were loosened for the /uri/ namespace, so the full
URI does not look ugly. ?#% still have to be escaped however.

There were many more updates and changes to the site, and I am sure there
will be many more of them as well (and the site is open-source so feel free
to assist in making it even greater!). Scheme-specific parsing and
description of mailto:, tag:, data:, urn:uuid:, urn:oid: etc. URIs for
example is something that is definitely on the horizon.

Enjoy, and merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all!

Received on Sunday, 25 December 2022 06:55:36 UTC