job: PhD student data science/artificial intelligence, with RIVM and Wageningen University, the Netherlands

FYI - a fully funded PhD student position with a 4 years-long contract, to be filled asap.

Application deadline is January 9, 2023, and complete details are here:

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PhD student data science/artificial intelligence

Do you want to contribute to the protein transition in order to make food production and consumption more sustainable, healthier and safer? As a PhD candidate within the BIGFOOD project, you can develop innovative data-driven approaches and artificial intelligence for the analysis and integration of data on nutrition and food. You study the effects of the protein transition and identify and analyse promising measures in the field of public health, food safety and environmental impact. You do this together with a multidisciplinary team. An interesting PhD position for you?

For the project 'BIGFOOD: Farm-to-fork transitions and their impact - big data approaches”, the Centre for Nutrition, Prevention and Health Services (VPZ), part of the V&Z (Public Health and Care) knowledge domain of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), is looking for a PhD student.

Purpose of the function

Innovative data-driven approaches are essential for addressing urgent societal challenges such as a sustainable food production chain and a sustainable diet, i.e. healthy, safe and with a low(er) environmental impact. The protein transition, the transition to a diet and food production with more vegetable and fewer animal protein sources, is important in this regard. This is what we focus on in the BIGFOOD project.

As a PhD candidate within the BIGFOOD project you will work on various studies. By making available, combining and analysing data from various parts of the food chain, promising strategies can be identified and (potential) effects calculated. For example, you will work on an ontology and knowledge graphs for the application domain. You also develop and apply evolutionary algorithms, natural language processing, semantic technologies and machine learning techniques and apply them to link different databases.

Activities and tasks

  *   You participate in the BIGFOOD project, and work with data from the food chain to answer questions about the protein transition.
  *   Together with colleagues, you refine the research questions and make a research plan.
  *   You create and apply data science and artificial intelligence techniques, such as for semantic annotation, interoperability and interlinking, knowledge graphs construction and embedding, data enrichment, reasoning and decision making, and FAIR data management.
  *   You write scientific publications for international peer-reviewed journals and a dissertation that lead to a PhD.
  *   You create prototypes (in programming languages such as Python, Java or R) for data linking and analysis facilitating data reuse by other researchers.
  *   You present your research within RIVM, and at (inter)national conferences and other forums.

The PhD work is supervised by Prof Dr Anna Fensel of Wageningen University, Dr Ido Toxopeus, Dr Rob de Jonge and Dr Marga Ocké of the RIVM. The work is mainly performed at RIVM, and can take place part-time at Wageningen University. We are set up for hybrid working, so you can also carry out part of the work from home.

Further details are here:


Prof. Dr. Anna Fensel

Full Professor, Personal Chair in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Wageningen University and Research

The Netherlands


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