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[ANN] Cultural Japan (metadata portal) launched

From: KANZAKI Masahide <mkanzaki@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2020 23:10:14 +0900
Message-ID: <CAHQ1n3AgYkx4U76AkY1Pu_pwDLnXayseLMb8MF59uXJ+qkSPRg@mail.gmail.com>
To: Linking Open Data <public-lod@w3.org>
Happy to announce the launch of Cultural Japan[1], an integrated
portal to provide unified access to a million of Japanese cultural
items around the world.

Cultural Japan collects metadata of Japan related items from such open
data as Metropolitan Museum, Cleveland Museum, MoMA, as well as APIs
of Chicago, Harvard, VaM, Rijksmuseum,  Digital NZ, Trove, and
Europeana, DPLA. It then converts those variety of data to Japan
Search RDF schema[2] to align models and vocabularies. It also
extracts metadata from IIIF manifests of some 50 institutions, and
converts into the same RDF model[3].

Names of Japanese creators are normalized as Japan Search names, with
English labels as schema:name@en. Japan Search names are linked to LOD
names via owl:sameAs.

In addition to standard search interface[1], it provides SPARQL
endpoint[4] and Snorql interface[5]. Three fourth of items have IIIF
manifests (including dynamically generated ones). The search results
are also available as IIIF collection.

As an application, it accompanies the "Self Museum"[6], which
generates a virtual 3D gallery from IIIF manifests or collections,
where you can appreciate your favorite art works in your room.

Have fun!

on behalf of the Cultural Japan team.

[1] https://cultural.jp/
[2] https://www.kanzaki.com/works/ld/jpsearch/primer/
[3] https://www.kanzaki.com/works/2020/pub/0603ife.html
[4] https://ld.cultural.jp/sparql/
[5] https://ld.cultural.jp/snorql/
[6] https://self-museum.cultural.jp/

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