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Re: RDF ordered datasets

From: Pieter Colpaert <pieter.colpaert@ugent.be>
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2018 10:14:49 +0100
To: public-lod@w3.org
Message-ID: <e6230395-2863-8284-c816-7459f317dd4c@ugent.be>
Hi Albert,

In our work on public transport time schedules, our datasets are 
hydra:Collections with a hydra:PartialCollectionView with hydra:next 
links in between. A route planning algorithm downloading the data needs 
to know that the departures of the trains/buses/... are ordered by 
departureTime. Today we do this by assuming the result of our 
hydra:search template will give an ordered result (as we defined our own 
URI for this anyway: 

You can find more information, a specification, a demo, and source code 
over here: https://linkedconnections.org. The benchmarks we ran are 
focused on getting a high user perceived performance of route planning 
queries by iterating over this paged collection (available on the github 
and a paper [1]).

We’re now also looking for a way to introduce ordering in paged 
collections on the Web. We’re thinking about proposing an extension to 
hydra:PartialCollectionView where an ordering would be able to be 
indicated, although I still have to look what has been discussed in the 
past about this matter.

Hope this helps,


[1] https://pietercolpaert.be/papers/icwe2017-lc

On 31/10/18 09:45, Albert Meroño Peñuela wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm looking for datasets making extensive use of any kind of RDF 
> ordering facility, primarily collections (rdf:List) or containers 
> (rdf:Seq). Does any of you know of benchmarks/datasets dealing with that?
> Thanks,
> Albert
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