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5th DBpedia meeting in California (Nov 2015)

From: Dimitris Kontokostas <kontokostas@informatik.uni-leipzig.de>
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2015 18:02:41 +0300
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After 4 successful meetings in Europe, we will cross the Atlantic for the
next one: we are happy to announce that the 5th DBpedia meeting will be
held at Stanford University, Palo Alto, on November 5th 2015.

Please read below on different ways you can participate. We are looking
forward to meeting all the US-based DBpedia enthusiasts in person.

The event will feature talks from Yahoo!, IBM Watson, Blippar, and Stanford
amongst others.

Quick facts


   Web URL: http://wiki.dbpedia.org/meetings/California2015

   When: November 5th, 2015

   Where: MSOB x303, Stanford University, Palo Alto CA (map

   Host: Dumontier Lab, Stanford University

   Call for Contribution: Submit your proposal in our form

   Registration: https://event.gg/1742-5th-dbpedia-meeting-california
   (limited seats)

   Looking for sponsors (catering)


If you would like to become a sponsor for the 5th DBpedia Meeting, please
contact the DBpedia Association <dbpedia@infai.org>

Dumontier Laboratory for Biomedical Knowledge Discovery

For hosting the meeting and helping with the organization

Institute for Applied Informatics <http://infai.org/de/Aktuelles>

For supporting the DBpedia Association

OpenLink Software <http://www.openlinksw.com/>

For continuous hosting of the main DBpedia Endpoint



   Michel Dumontier <https://med.stanford.edu/profiles/michel-dumontier>,
   Stanford University

   Pablo N. Mendes
   IBM Watson Research

   Marco Fossati <https://about.me/marco.fossati>, SpazioDati

   Dimitris Kontokostas <http://aksw.org/DimitrisKontokostas>, DBpedia
   Association and AKSW, Uni Leipzig

   Sebastian Hellmann
   <http://bis.informatik.uni-leipzig.de/SebastianHellmann,>, DBpedia
   Association and AKSW, Uni Leipzig


Attending the DBpedia Community meeting is free, but you need to register
<https://event.gg/1742-5th-dbpedia-meeting-california>. There are 3 types
of tickets that are booked separately:


   Ticket for the main event (50 people)

   Ticket for the pre-event (20 people)

   Optional DBpedia support ticket

Call for Contribution

Please submit your proposal through our form
Contribution proposals include (but not limited to) presentation, demos,
lightning talks and session suggestions. All talks are accepted by default
and will be added to the program in batches.
Location / Venue

The meeting will take place at Palo Alto CA,  Stanford University, MSOB
x303 (map <https://goo.gl/qOGs7Z>).

parking info: There is a parking structure on Pasteur Dr. near the hospital
as well as in L-17. Both are only 5 minutes away walking. The yellow [P]
shows the area for paid public parking. see the Stanford transportation maps
<https://transportation.stanford.edu/maps.shtml> for details and especially
the south-west map.

Schedule (draft)

16:30 pre-event meeting (room tba)

Separate pre-meeting. Depending on the audience we can do hackathons,
tutorials, QA sessions, etc (needs separate registration)

19:00 Main Event (Room MSOB x303)


   Introductions (5”)

   DBpedia state of affairs (10”)

   Invited talks (1h)

      Michel Dumontier, Stanford

      Anshu Jain, IBM Watson

      Nicolas Torzec, Yahoo!

      Karthik Gomadam, Accenture

      Joakim Soderberg, Blippar

      Alkis Simitsis, HP Labs

      Yashar Mehdad, Yahoo! Labs

   Lightning Talks (1h)

      (Use our form
      to submit your talks)

   QA session / audience introduction
   - Networking and refreshments

Dimitris Kontokostas
Department of Computer Science, University of Leipzig & DBpedia Association
Projects: http://dbpedia.org, http://http://aligned-project.eu,
Research Group: http://aksw.org
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