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Re: New LOD dataset for media types

From: Silvio Peroni <silvio.peroni@unibo.it>
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2015 17:35:48 +0100
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Message-ID: <0CB1F522-14F6-40C3-899F-7E58328486E8@unibo.it>
To: "Haag, Jason" <jason.haag.ctr@adlnet.gov>, Graham Klyne <GK@ninebynine.org>
Hi Jason,

> Thanks for this work on ontologies for media types. Is there any overlap here with https://schema.org/MediaObject <https://schema.org/MediaObject> ? 

Well, it’s not an overlap, is more a complement. The media types described in such dataset (class dcterms:MediaType) are possible formats that media objects may have. This can be specified by means of dcterms:format property, for instance:

:my-video a schema:MediaObject ;
	dcterms:format <http://www.sparontologies.net/mediatype/video/mp4> .

> BTW, the W3C has a really nice process in place for IRI persistence.

I know it and I’ve already used it indeed for another project.

> Perhaps establish something like https://w3id.org/sparontologies/mediatype/ <https://w3id.org/sparontologies/mediatype/> and redirect for your server. I believe you could have stronger adoption and use of your ontology if you adopt a good IRI design and persistence strategy up front.

That’s a good point, and I’ve just finished to update everything, since it was possible in a relatively short time :-) 

In particular, I’ve just made a request to w3id.org <http://w3id.org/> for a space, and I’ve updated le URLs of all the entities. Now they are accessible using the

https://w3id.org/spar/mediatype/[mediatype] <http://w3id.org/spar/mediatype/%5Bmediatype%5D> 


https://w3id.org/spar/mediatype/text/turtle <https://w3id.org/spar/mediatype/text/turtle>

Does it sound good?

Jason, Graham, thanks again for all your suggestions and support!
Have a nice day :-)


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